Field Manual 7-0 e2Book Living Doctrine Supplement
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An e2Book edition of FM 7-0, Train to Win in a Complex World, is now available from the Central Army Repository (CAR). This interactive digital publication brings training concepts, doctrine and procedures to life for Soldiers. It does this by providing an expanded dimension to understanding training management, utilizing a multimedia electronic-book format.

The Army's decade-plus of continuous deployments and combat operations have prompted commanders to return to the fundamentals of building and sustaining training at home station. The e2Book edition of FM 7-0 was published as an integral element of the Army's effort to deliver robust training management guidance and instruction to the force at the point of need.

The FM 7-0 e2Book is particularly useful because it provides users specific information through a combination of text, audio, images, video and interactive elements. This expanded multi-media platform can be used by leaders to gain a better understanding of the foundational concepts that are key to training Soldiers and units. By combining the text with visual training concepts and ideas, the learning experience for Soldiers and leaders at every echelon is enhanced.

In several cases, short videos depict real Soldiers in real units as they train. This provides a more robust dimension to learning that is hard to duplicate in a PDF document. For example, a junior NCO who has not had the opportunity to participate in a company-level training meeting can now not only read the purpose of this important meeting, but actually watch a unit conducting one.

Through tying doctrine to real-world applications and demonstrating what right looks like, the learning curve becomes less steep for those who choose to use the e2Book version of FM 7-0. Additionally, the FM 7-0 e2Book Living Doctrine Supplement provides links to other online resources like the Army Training Network (ATN) and other doctrinal publications and articles that provide a broader exposure to related subjects. This latest e2Book represents the Army's continued commitment to providing knowledge for Soldiers in a variety of learning formats.

The FM 7-0 e2Book Living Doctrine Supplement, requires a CAC-enabled device, and is accessible through the CAR at:

If you have questions or want to learn more, check out the Doctrine and References page at the ATN at or the Unit Training Management FM 7-0 webpage at

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