Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Color Guard participated in a ceremony April 28, 2018 in Wereth, Belgium honoring 11 Soldiers who were massacred during the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.

The "Wereth 11" were attached to the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, an all-black unit, and got separated from their unit during the battle, walking more than 10 miles trying to evade German patrols. Wereth farmer Mathias Langer took them in to give them food, coffee and rest.

The German SS arrived at the farmhouse, force marched the Soldiers away, tortured and executed the men Dec. 17, 1944.

Years later, Hermann Langer, son of Mathias, erected a cross to honor the Soldiers as well as the kindness of his father. This monument is believed to be the only one in Europe dedicated to all black Soldiers who fought in World War II.

That small memorial has grown to an annual ceremony, attended this year by hundreds of Americans, Belgians and other Europeans as well as Carla Benini, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Belgium.

The Wereth 11 are:
Pvt. Curtis Adams
Cpl. Mager Bradley
Pvt. 1st Class George Davis
Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Forte
Pvt. Robert L. Green
Pvt. 1st Class Jimmie L. Leatherwood
Tech 5th Grade Nathaniel Moss
Pvt. 1st Class George W. Moten
Tech 4th Grade William E. Pritchett
Tech 4th Grade James A. Stewart
Pvt. 1st Class Due W. Turner

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