KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers worked with logistics experts to load more than 250 pieces of equipment from the European Enduring Equipment Set, or E3S, onto rail cars at Kaiserslautern Army Depot, April 17-19.The equipment load, which will be used during exercises this summer, marks the first time E3S has been drawn in Europe since the program was assigned to the Theater Logistics Support Center - Europe, in December 2017."Since that time, we've processed over 2,800 pieces of equipment at our industrial sites in Kaiserslautern and Miesau," said Helmut Haufe, general manager, TLSC-E. "Our team provides supply, maintenance, transportation and management oversight for the unit equipment sets and deployment process."Personnel from the TLSC-E's Supply Activity Europe and Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern assisted with the reception of the unit, equipment inventories, and rail loading."This draw is important," said Kevin Harris, property book officer, Supply Activity Europe, TLSC- E. "It reassures our flexibility and our adaptability to prepare equipment for onward movement. We go within our resources and prepare the equipment for (exercises) like the one coming up. The unit provides us a list of what they need and what is required, and we look into the available stock and get it ready if it is on hand."The team of Soldiers, from the 341st Engineer Company - Multirole Bridge Company, out of Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, and 401st Engineer Company - MRBC, from Mustang, Oklahoma, received boats, bridges, trucks and other mission-related equipment in preparation for the 341st MRBC's mission to provide bridging capabilities during the upcoming Saber Strike exercise.Having the equipment already here reduces deployment times and makes units more capable, Haufe added."From day one we were able to fall in, make it happen and ensure maneuverability, logistics support and ensure our mission success for our follow on for the 341st Engineer Company who is going to be part of the Saber Strike (exercise)," said 1st Lt. Jared Noall, operations officer, 401st MRBC.The unit, as the name implies, typically conducts bridging operations and has unique equipment, such as small boats and foldable floating bridge pieces known as an Improved Ribbon Bridge for "wet gap" crossings. Preparing and fielding the equipment demonstrated the ability for unit's coming from the states to arrive, receive equipment and move to a forward location rapidly and efficiently."It shows TLSC-E's commitment and obligation to provide the necessary resources to our Soldiers and as part of the reassurance initiatives for our NATO partners," Harris said. Sgt. 1st Class Carlos Soto, motor sergeant, 341st MRBC, said he was very pleased with the support they received and with how quickly they were able to receive the equipment and load it, saying that the people have been incredible, organized and responsive."I'm beyond impressed," Noall said. "The E3S has pretty much opened my eyes on how it is supposed to be; what operations are supposed to be like. It's been a fantastic experience."The 401st MRBC will return to Oklahoma following the rail load and the 341st MRBC will move forward to participate in the multi-national Saber Strike Exercise.