Representatives from the Army Research & Technology Protection Center-North (ARTPC-N) held "The Threat Man" briefings on full spectrum technology protection guidance at seminars spread across five days between March and April at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.At the event sponsored by the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, Steve Chimchirian, ARTPC-N chief, began with a unique and innovative presentation speaking in Spanish, in the uniform and persona of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro."Castro" hailed the virtues of Communism and game-changing Soviet technology that would dominate the world and destroy America.Chimchirian, a retired Army colonel and master trainer, takes delight in this initial part of the seminar, dramatizing and acting out the persona of an iconic bad guy set on destruction of the U.S."I am in my element teaching and imparting knowledge, especially regarding an important and serious topic, so I truly relish the entire experience," Chimchirian said. "I embrace my 'day job', but the seminar allows me to do something unique and different, value added and fun, all while contributing to my mission and the warfighter."Chimchirian's presentation highlighted current insider and foreign threats, along with the latest program protection requirements and guidance; and the message is simple, sobering and extremely relevant."Today, theft and exploitation of our military technology puts our warfighters and national security at great and unprecedented risk," he added. "Program protection is a must to mitigate loss of our technological overmatch and our precious warfighters."The combination of historic and current examples of threats, in both the government and civil sectors, underscore the importance and difficulties of protecting critical technologies in the cyber age and highlight the cumulative effect this has upon our technological overmatch and advantages.Chimchirian also detailed his team's role in providing advice and assistance on all aspects of program protection, supporting critical function analysis and program protection plans, and conducting critical program information surveys and assessments."Through educational initiatives like the Threat Man seminar and ARTPC (no-cost) direct support, we help them (RDA professionals) better understand and accomplish something that is very often confusing, yet they must still do," Chimchirian added.The ARTPC, with centers at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the National Capital Region and Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the focal point for integrating security, intelligence, counterintelligence, foreign intelligence and security countermeasure expertise for U.S. Army research, development and acquisition programs.