The Engineer Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Advanced Leader Course hosted Boy Scout Troop 1890 from Ozark, Missouri, March 13 through 15.

As most scout groups do, they camped at Happy Hollow and had the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a Soldier by participating in multiple military activities such as muscling through the Physical Endurance Course, Army classes, robotics demonstrations and eating at a dining facility on post.

Sgt. 1st Class Randall Williams, small group leader from the NCOA, was the noncommissioned officer in charge of leading the scouts on Fort Leonard Wood during their stay.

"Throughout their visit, we spoke about the Army and how we all operate as a team in order to accomplish the mission," Williams said. "But most importantly, I talked to them about the importance of being a scout and a contributing member of society."

Williams explained that Boy Scouts leadership values and techniques are similar to the Army by how they mentor, shape and develop junior members. What occurs behind the scenes and during training is what builds the foundation of values, such as efficiency and integrity, he said.

Lt. Col. Scott Morris, scoutmaster for Troop 1890, explained the importance of leading and mentoring children.

"Being able to bring the scouts to Fort Leonard Wood has been a great opportunity and it inspires these young boys to become men of honor," Morris said. "These scouts will remember this experience and the NCOs who lead them for years to come."

"I enjoyed showing this great group of young men around the base, allowing them to see what we do and proving they could accomplish the same obstacles," Williams said. "It's all about building confidence in these young men and testing them and their mental ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success."