R.A.D. classes coming up

By Derek Gean (Leonard Wood)March 15, 2018

Army Community Service is now providing more opportunities for women to better protect themselves from sexual assault.

ACS staff members and volunteers are now regularly offering the Rape Aggression Defense Systems of Self Defense.

"This class is important as it combines education and physical skills to build and instill confidence to help a participant avoid abduction or other harmful situations," said Carol Ann Oberwager-Spencer, sexual assault response coordinator.

According to Shawn Steen, Family Advocacy Program manager, Oberwager-Spencer is a certified trainer and two other staff members are in the process of completing the training.

"The prevention education programs also help spouses and children develop skills to protect themselves against abuse," Steen said.

According to Oberwager-Spencer, women who participate will learn about risk reduction and risk avoidance, which are interwoven with the physical skills participants learn through discussions and hands-on training.

"They learn basic striking motions, kicks and ways to remove themselves from situations such as choking and other types of physical contact situations. This program is not designed to teach a participant to stand and fight but to prevent or break contact, locate their exit and get away from the situation," she said.

R.A.D. Systems is the largest network of its kind with more than 11,000 instructors teaching at various colleges, universities, and municipal law enforcement agencies, military installations as well as various other community organizations internationally, Oberwager-Spencer said.

The next R.A.D. class is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon May 1 through 3.

"Groups and organizations can request classes as well and we will attempt to accommodate all requests," Oberwager-Spencer said.

"The class will also be offered in late August and mid-November as well," she added.

To register for this and any other upcoming R.A.D. classes contact Oberwager-Spencer at 573.528.4098 or carol.a.oberwager.civ@mail.mil.

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