Rock Island Arsenal, Ill--U.S. Marine Corps Major, Francisco D. Amaya, serves as the liaison officer and program manager for ammunition within the Joint Munitions Command.

Amaya is a native of Fort Worth, Texas, and joined the Marine Corps in the 1997. He has been stationed in Texas, California, and North Carolina. Most recently, he was stationed at Okinawa, Japan, before taking a position within JMC at the Rock Island Arsenal in 2016.

As an ammunition officer, Amaya handles several logistics, inventory management, and general supply chain management aspects. Within JMC he works as a liaison between JMC's ammunition enterprise and the Marine Corps ammunition community.

"What we do here, in essence, is coordinate with the financial teams, inventory management teams and the production managers to make sure that those procurements are moving along smoothly, in order to meet the Marine Corps munition requirements," Amaya noted.

In his position, he coordinates with PEO Ammo, Armament Research and Development Command, the Office of the Executive Director for Commission Ammunition, and JMC to provide support for supply and storage of Marine Corps ammunition requirements.

Amaya will be participating in the upcoming Requirements Army Working Capital Fund Mission meeting. JMC will host the bi-annual RAMP meeting March 6 -7, at the headquarters. The meeting will update customers on Army Working Capital projected budget submission for future ammo requirements.

"The RAMP gives us an idea of what JMC is positioning itself to do for the following year." It gives us an idea of how they are going to be work loaded and potentially take advantage by piggy backing on those work efforts," said Amaya.

Amaya will also brief how he supports the Marine Corps mission and the functions that are executed out of this office.