CAMP PARKS, Calif. -- Soldiers, whether at home station or deployed, can find themselves needing combat lifesaving knowledge. CLS is a two-week course that trains service members in intermediate self and buddy aid that can sustain life until medical personnel arrive.To maintain their readiness, the Soldiers with the 2nd Regiment, 360th Training Support Battalion, 120th Infantry Brigade, conducted annual CLS training here Feb. 15."The intent of this type of CLS training, in a harsh simulated environment, creates trust in the individual Soldier, as well as within the cohort," said Maj. Larry "Beau" Stricklin, the 2-360th TSBN's executive officer and an observer coach/trainer.To make the training realistic, the unit used repurposed staged rooms and the surrounding terrain."When we can create realistic training environments, the Soldier's Army warrior tasks muscle memory is strengthened," said Sgt. 1st Class Vincent Benitez, Alpha Company senior enlisted advisor with the 2-360th TSBN. "AWT is the basic skill set every OC/T must know to survive on the battlefield or in an exercise environment."The First Army Academy provided the framework and skill set to be an OC/T, and training events like this put those skills into practical use, said 1st Lt. Edwin Ortiz, an OC/T team leader with the 2-360th TSBN and a recent graduate of the FAA.After each training scenario, the unit conducted an after-action review to assess the effectiveness of the training."Holding an AAR after the training is complete has a divided effect on the participants. Soldiers can build confidence when speaking to an audience, while allowing others to express different viewpoints," said Capt. Matthew Bern, the training officer in charge with the 2-360th TSBN."Maintaining our medical training is important and keeps us 'In the Fight,'" Bern said.