The event partnered Air Cav Troopers with Latvian National Armed Forces personnel to demonstrate the positive presence of U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) partners in the community.
"Programs like this allow us to be out in the local populace and be seen, not just as a uniform, but as a person who is willing and eager to help with education and learning," said 3-227th AHB aviation physician assistant Cpt. Jonglen Brown.
An UH-60 Black Hawk medevac crew taught the scouts how to apply tourniquets, dress wounds, and make splints for limbs. They also showed them some of medical equipment used inside of the aircraft.
"They were very perceptive to the instruction," Brown said, "They asked some great questions and wanted to use some of our first aid adjuncts that they had not seen or used."
The Lo�met�jkalns Scout Camp also provided classes on survival, equipment, fire building and land familiarization that was taught by Latvian Airmen and the Latvian National Guardsmen.
3-227th AHB's participation in the camp mirrors part of Atlantic Resolve's mission to show the U.S. commitment to reassure NATO allies and partners of America's dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region.
"This is a great program and hopefully we have opened the door for more communication and integrated training," Brown said, "They have already asked us to return in the next few months to work with their camp counselors in teaching first aid."