JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Dec. 26, 2017) -- On behalf of the command team, let me wish every member of the Mission and Installation Contracting Command a safe and wonderful holiday season. Please take some time between now and Jan. 3 to be with your loved ones and dedicate a few moments to those who protect our freedoms.Thank you to all of those who participated in our command climate survey. Your input is so important, and the command team and I will take into account your comments and feedback. I prefer to put information out early instead of mandating decisions, which allows feedback from the command to refine our decisions and make the best decisions for the MICC. As an example, when I initially put out the video on the new MICC structure, my construct identified Fort Buchanan as a division under Fort Jackson. Because of your feedback, we relooked at that alignment and have since re-evaluated that decision and will keep it an independent contracting office under the 419th Contracting Support Brigade.Your voice matters. The command sergeant major, the deputy to the commanding general and I take into account recommendations from the field before we make final decisions. On that note, I look forward to receiving the final analysis of the command climate survey and giving full consideration to your recommendations and comments as we make this great organization even better. Because of your thoughtful input, you all will make 2018 the best year yet for the MICC.I am very proud of all of the MICC's performance during all the hurricane support efforts, and the resiliency and recovery of the Fort Buchanan team as they continue to work recovery issues going into the holiday season. Please keep the MICC-Fort Buchanan members in your thoughts as some continue to endure the hardships of no power or water as a result of the storm. And please remember the more than 70 MICC members who are forward deployed and will not be spending the holidays with their loved ones.The Army's greatest asset is its people -- the finest men and women our great nation has to offer. Thank you for remaining keenly focused on the Army's top priority of readiness as you strive every day to ensure our Soldiers have the tools they need to deploy, fight and win across the entire spectrum of conflict.As we go into 2018, we are going to realign the Reserve component structure beginning this month. We will begin with the realignment of the Fort Buchanan office under the 419th CSB. This structure aligns the U.S. Army Reserve Command missions to the Office of the Chief Army Reserve, co-located at Fort Bragg, with the 419th CSB. We will continue to realign our structure as we move into the new year to best support our customers.My wife, Linda, and I appreciate all the love and support we received from the entire MICC family for my promotion ceremony. I wish all of your families the best as we go into 2018! Thank you for all you do for our Soldiers.