Age: 25
Current Unit: 1st Mission Support Command (MSC).
Current Position: Administrative NCO for the Command Group
Component: U.S. Army Reserve
Current Location: Fort Buchanan
Hometown: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Years of Service: 8 years

Staff Sgt. Maricela Barberi

Staff Sgt. Maricela Barberi was originally born in the United States and subsequently raised in Puerto Rico.

"I have been in the Army Reserve since January 2001, when I enlisted as a Finance Specialist and currently serve as a Financial Management Specialist originally assigned to the 338th Finance Battalion (deactivated), and then reassigned the 413th Finance Detachment."

Barberi has been deployed twice. First to Operation Enduring Freedom (2003-2004) and then Operation Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007).

"Right now I perform and supervise administrative, word processing, and clerical duties," she said.
"I set-up and maintain logs and functional files. Answer inquiries from the primary staff and provide technical guidance on administrative matters and office management."

She also coordinates administrative reviews and follow up to OERs and NCOERs for the entire 1st MSC Command Group," she said.

"I originally chose finance because of my interest on working with numbers and being good at it. But then I found a bigger reason to get passionate for it after I got to work in the finance offices on my deployments, that's when I realized the importance and significance of the finance job."

"Most of people think that Soldiers with jobs like mine, like admin, cooks, legal, or anything that is not infantry, are not needed in "combat zones." But, they would be amazed of how essential is the support of all of these, and how equally important they are as all other jobs in the Army."

"In my case, the fact that I know that Soldiers in the desert are grateful and confident because they have a finance office available to go to withdraw cash for personal use, update changes in their entitlements, benefits or allotments; and their pay issues are taken care of, is the most gratifying feeling I experienced while doing my job," she said.

Barberi is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in management.

"I have always believed that no matter in which field you are, as long as you really care for the Soldiers, the Army, and your country, you will be successful, because all this will bring in you the motivation, responsibility, selfless service, pride, respect, knowledge, and everything else that will lead you into excellence," Barberi said.