FORT BRAGG, North Carolina (Nov. 29, 2017) -- Members of the 900th Contracting Battalion took part in a leader professional development staff ride Nov. 15 at the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads on Fort Bragg, North Carolina."The purpose of the staff ride, in addition to building esprit de corps and an appreciation of history, was to place Soldiers on the actual battlefield to study and critique the tactics and strategy of the engagement on the actual terrain where the battle occurred," said Lt. Col. Jason Miles, 900th CBN commander. "The battlefield is a great resource, and the fact that it is located on Fort Bragg afforded the battalion a great training opportunity."The event was facilitated by John Schleier from the post historian's office. Schleier presented a strategic overview leading up to the battle, which occurred March 10, 1865. He was followed by members of the 608th Contracting Team who discussed the small arms used in the battle, tactics employed by both infantry and cavalry, and mission command elements at play during the battle.The group then moved to the Monroe House where Soldiers from the 609th CT discussed the near capture of Maj. Gen. Hugh Kilpatrick, and the opening phases of the battle that saw Union troops nearly routed and driven from the field.Finally, members of 900th CBN moved to the monument marking the battle and a grave for unknown Soldiers. There, in the context of the Union counter-attack and eventual victory, the 639th CT members discussed the lethality, decisive points and how unified land operations could be applied to the battle.