DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. -- In a packed auditorium, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Commander Maj. Gen. Clark LeMasters hosted a town hall and awards ceremony November 15 at the Detroit Arsenal.

"Thank you for your continued support to our Soldiers, our team, and our nation," LeMasters said when he started his town hall meeting for appreciation to our workforce. "Your professionalism and dedication are unmatched."

Major topics discussed at the town hall meeting were:
• Leadership changes
• TACOM initiatives
• Top 10 working actions
• TACOM phishing exercise
• Army Disaster Presonnel Accountability and Assessment System
• Continuous Process Improvement Program
• Fall and winter safety

One of TACOM's top initiatives and their number one Top 10 Working Actions is supply chain optimization. This encompasses all activities involved with procurement and manufacturing, including collaboration with suppliers, service providers, and customers.

"This is the one of the biggest that I am concerned about for the command," LeMasters spoke about our supply chain optimization. "It is most important that the ability to provide what they need to deliver on time is the bottom line."

LeMasters spoke about TACOM's phishing campaign and how we are at a high risk of phishing attacks due to our mission. After TACOM did a recent phishing exercise, the results showed that phishing threats during annual required training is not enough, leaders and associates must remain alert.

The town hall concluded with a question and answer period followed by an awards ceremony that recognized more than 60 individual and group accomplishments.

"Thank you to everyone from the whole enterprise out there for everything you do," when LeMasters closed his town hall. "There is no way to meet, talk, and interact with everyone so that is why we do things like this forum. But there are really some great things going on that I wanted you to know."