FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- The Law Enforcement and Security Coalition of Hawaii named Antonio L. Williams of the IMCOM Pacific Law Enforcement Division the Elwood J. McGuire Awardee during a ceremony at the Prince Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu Oct. 26.The board of directors and president of the Law Enforcement Coalition of Hawaii selected Williams for his lifetime commitment to outstanding service, support, assistance that has benefitted the field of law enforcement, private security, and criminal justice."It's truly an honor to be nominated for the Elwood J. McGuire Award," said Williams. "The men and women who have received this award before me were truly role models to emulate who led by example."Williams has been at IMCOM-Pacific for 8 months. Prior to serving at IMCOM-Pacific, Williams, served as the Chief of Police at US Army Garrison Hawaii, Directorate of Emergency Services (DES).The Elwood J. McGuire Award recognizes individuals in law enforcement who have made a significant contribution for a period of at least five years in the state of Hawaii. The organization has adopted the Hawaiian expression "E Pupukahi," which symbolically means "working together as one to make Hawaii a safer place to live and work."The recognition as the "Top Cop" highlights Williams' career and his commitment to making his community -- whether here in Hawaii or anywhere he has lived and worked -- better and safer."I'm overwhelmed with heartfelt joy. I would like to say thanks to everyone whom I worked with throughout my Law Enforcement and military career," said Williams. "There is no greater experience than to work alongside first responders in Law Enforcement and the military in the continued pursuit to provide a safe and secure environment on a daily basis."The professionalism and dedication recognized during the ceremony in Honolulu came as no surprise to Emery Tyacke, Williams' supervisor and colleague."Antonio has accomplished more than anyone in terms of furthering the relationship between military, county, state and federal law enforcement in Hawaii," Tyacke said. "He's well known and respected throughout Hawaii as a law enforcement professional.""Antonio's professionalism and commitment to the Army Values shine through on a daily basis and we are incredibly lucky to have him here on our IMCOM -- Pacific Team," said IMCOM -- Pacific chief of staff David Shafii. "He is another example of the immense talent and dedication that we have here at this great organization."For more information on IMCOM -- Pacific, visit our website at