ARLINGTON, Va. -- Sgt. Mark Green found himself at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Bragg, N. C. after sustaining severe injuries to his feet. He hated his situation and the path he was on. It was a tough road …both physically and mentally. However, Green began making significant strides in his recovery over several months thanks in part to Fort Bragg's Adaptive Reconditioning Program.

"Robyn and Chris showed me a new path, they believed in me and fought tooth and nail to make me believe in myself," Green says of his Adaptive Reconditioning Coordinators. They believed in him so much, they convinced him to participate in the 8th annual "3 Little Pigs Triathlon," with them.

An event consisting of swimming, biking and running is not what you would think a guy who needs new feet would be doing. Rest-assured Green huffed and puffed, and blew the triathlon house down, with encouragement and tenacity. "No one could have told me this time last year that I would complete a triathlon in June while being on the road to having my feet rebuilt and the race happening two days before a major surgery."

Although Green managed to complete half of the swim because of his foot, he continued on to the bike portion. Then he heard a voice in his head at mile nine of the 14 mile bike ride that he wouldn't finish that either. "I dug deep way past my own fears," Green said. The USA Triathlon-sanctioned event was making Green, "green" with sickness, at the thought of not finishing and having a handicap in each event.

He felt the weight of his inner most demons drop as he continued to ride back to the transition point. His triathlon teammates, Robyn and Chris, found him and walked with him as he finished the 5k, cheering him as he crossed the finish line.

"Never have I felt more accomplished in life than when I realized I wasn't handicapped. That day I crossed more than one finish line."