FORT RILEY, Kan. - Customers at garrison shops and sections across post are starting to see something new when they need a service or assistance. They'll get extra assurance in the form of a new installation command board that they will receive the best possible treatment.

The command boards are being mounted at dozens of locations, featuring the new garrison service motto "Duty first - service always."

""We want everyone to know that that's the way you deserve to be treated," said Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Ian Mann. "We're going to put it in all of our staffs and directorates on Fort Riley - all of the sections and shops that service Soldiers, Family members, civilians and retirees."

The wooden boards measuring 3 feet high by 4 feet wide are being constructed by carpenters within the Directorate of Logistics. Decals for 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley Garrison will be at the top corners of each board. The boards will hold photographs of the commanding general, the division command sergeant major, the garrison commander, and the garrison command sergeant major. Below the row of photos will be a phone number to the person in charge of that particular section to handle any customer comments.

"That way if your needs aren't being met or you have a comment, good or bad, you can just dial that phone number right there," Mann said.

The boards will provide one more way for customers to give instant feedback on service they've received, he said.

A recent garrison-wide customer service motto contest was the first step in getting the command boards ready for display, said Michelle Simmons, Fort Riley customer service officer.

"We were looking for a way to communicate to our customers our dedication to the service that all of our agencies provide here to all of our customers," Simmons said. "It shows our customers how much of a commitment our employees have to their needs."

Kenneth Carroll, a recreation assistant at Leonard Fitness Center on Custer Hill, created the winning logo. Carroll's motto was one of more than 200 contest entries.