The PM JAMS Aviation Rockets Product Office, managed by Lt. Col. Derek Long, officially implemented a Lean Initiative through the signing March 11 of integrated product team charters.

This initiative resulted from the PEO Missiles and Space green belt certification project of Gina Gastler, the Aviation Rockets All-Up-Round IPT lead.

Gastler was frustrated with the inefficiency of the decision process and realized after taking the Green Belt Course, there was a method for corrective action. The charters, one for each Aviation Rockets Production IPT -- AUR, Propulsion and Payload -- establishes and identifies the mission, role, membership, responsibilities and authority of the integrated product team.

The charters will foster teamwork and leverage combined government and industry resources and expertise in the production of Hydra 70 rockets.

Gastler's green belt project indicates there will be a projected first-year savings of approximately $25,000 and ultimately provide the war fighter with a more valuable product. The follow-on projects will be the creation of an Aviation Rockets Senior IPT charter and possibly charters for design IPTs.