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The Army Innovation Strategy establishes the infrastructure necessary for successful and sustainable innovation. It underscores the criticality of a culture that recognizes and cultivates the mutually supportive roles of entrepreneurship, invention, and innovation itself. An innovative idea is nothing without the entrepreneur who sees the potential in developing that idea. Neither is an idea worth anything until it is, through innovation, turned into something that creates values. All three of these behaviors must be encouraged and rewarded.

The strategy also advances a three-pronged, interdependent approach to innovation. First is the use of innovation tools such as out Army Ideas for Innovation program. This is important because it gives those with ideas a venue to share them for consideration. The second is managing for innovation. In the way we run the Army enterprise, we have to ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship are supported in how we reward and recognize, in our professional development, recruitment and retention, policy and processes and in how we measure performance. Third is innovation leadership and strategy. Creating a culture that supports innovation and entrepreneurship requires strategic direction that comes from senior leaders through a vision, goals, objectives and continuous communication of the role innovation plays in the enterprise.

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