An event that tests its competitors' strength, endurance, and sheer will, proves for the fourth year in a row why it takes an elite group of service members to stand any chance of winning. Fittingly, the annual event was created in honor of an elite Soldier, fallen El Paso hometown hero, Staff Sgt. Joshua M. Mills, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group.

Units across Fort Bliss selected their best five-person teams to represent them in the Joshua Mills Commando Competition. Across a 48-hour span, the teams completed events that tested their teamwork and introduced stress and fatigue.

The first event was the 'UBRR' or upper-body round robin, a physical fitness test commonly performed in the Special Forces community. Tasks consisted of 1-minute timed push-ups, sit-ups, and kip-ups, which is to kick the feet up to a pull-up bar.

Other events included pull-ups, dips, 20-foot rope climb, bench pressing 80-percent body weight, 4x25 meter shuttle sprint, and a five-mile run. Cadre modified the grading scale to evaluate each team's overall performance based on their member's individual scoring.

For day two, the El Paso heat played a factor with temperatures reaching the mid-90s as teams progressed. They began with the Leader Reaction Course, which is multiple timed events that test teamwork and problem solving skills. The teams are given minimal items that they must use to bridge and maneuver across obstacles, while having to get all personnel and equipment across before the clock expires.

They then moved to the Air Assault Obstacle Course, where they rushed to crawl, climb, jump, and dive across over 12 different obstacles. Teams started in close intervals, so moving slowly or failing to properly perform obstacles resulted in other teams surpassing them.

Teams all expressed their admiration for Mills, and competing in his honor helped them push through adversity. "It truly is humbling and an honor to be able to compete in an event that pays tribute to a fallen comrade, especially one of the Special Forces community," said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dejuan Roberts, Joint Task Force North. "More importantly, I got the chance to sit down with his parents and let them know what it means to me."

Joshua's father, Mr. Tommy Mills, took time throughout the event to speak to the competitors and convey his gratitude for what they do. "It's an honor and I'm very appreciative of the great lengths these competitors and the Army go through to put on this event in memory of my son and other fallen service members," said Mr. Mills.

They are in fact facing the same challenges his son faced.

"In 2002, our son went through this very same Air Assault Course prior to going into the military, as part of an ROTC program." He added, "we're proud of our son and always will be, but to see these young men and women go through the same thing, knowing they do missions everyday makes us proud of our nation as we get stronger and stronger."

The event hits home for Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Rodriguez, event non-commissioned officer in-charge with the Special Operations Recruiting Fort Bliss, who was also a member of 7th Special Forces Group.

"This should be a reminder, being a service member, especially in today's world is very demanding and all life is precious," said Rodriquez. "Not just because we're both Green Berets, but the family life he had and other things we shared in common really hits home, and reminds me to always be grateful for things I have."

Most found gratification in just completing the event; but one team set out with a higher goal. Since the conception of the Joshua Mills Competition, there had not been repeat winners, until now. The 204th Military Intelligence Battalion were the winners of the 2016 event, and they came back determined to defend their title.

"It's humbling to be able to compete in an event like this, and an honor to represent for my unit, to secure a win for the second year in a row," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Matt Hattie, 204th Military Intelligence Battalion.

The competition concluded with many already looking forward to next year, vowing to return and out do their recent performance. As the event grows, the story and memory of our fallen service members does too. The name of Joshua Mills will continue to be a representation of strength and honor here on Fort Bliss.