MANDAI HILL CAMP, Singapore - Soldiers with the Hawaii Army National Guard (HIARNG), U.S. Army Pacific, 25th Infantry Division and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) participated in exercise Tiger Balm 2017 at Mandai Hill Camp (MHC) from July 17-27, 2017.

"Tiger Balm exercise demonstrates a strong commitment to our regional security partnership with all involved, said Col. Steve Logan, chief of staff, HIARNG.

This marks the thirty-seventh annual exercise between U.S. Army Pacific and Singapore Armed Forces promoting regional stability and security.

"This is the longest standing bilateral exercise in the SAF, with any defense partner," said Brig. Gen. Goh Si Hou, Commander of 6th Singapore Division. "This speaks volumes not only for the strong bilateral ties between our two nations and militaries, but the value and trust we continue to hold in this special relationship."

Tiger Balm 2017 enhances the professional relationship, combat readiness, and interoperability between the United States and Singapore Armies to meet and demonstrate regional security partnership and resolve.

"Our Armies can make use of this platform to inter-operate and learn from each other from the planning to execution phases of operation," said Col. James Teo, Chief of Staff, 6th Singapore Division, "such training in peacetime will be beneficial should we be called upon to operate alongside one another."

The partnership between U.S. and Singapore armed forces and the professional value of this exercise will continue to deepen, said Brig. Gen. Goh.

"Singapore and U.S. Armed forces worked very well together during this exercise; the knowledge and experience gained through hard work, sweat and determination that will illustrate the relevancy of this exercise," Brig. Gen. Arthur Logan, Adjutant General Hawaii Army National Guard.

This two-week long bilateral exercise is hosted in Hawaii on even years and in Singapore on odd years. Concurrently, this exercise is held at multiple locations in Singapore, Hawaii and Alaska with U.S. Command Post Exercise response cells at several locations.

"U.S. and Singapore military leaders envisioned and developed a command post exercise designed to win in a complex world," said Col. Logan. "They can validate their staff's planning processes, tactics and commitment of forces to extract critical lessons learned without the accompanying violence and expense of actual combat."

For the first time in SAF history, a Stryker unit is operating in Singapore executing live-fire and field exercises to further strengthen the operations and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for U.S. Strykers and Singapore Terrex units.