More than 300 U.S. Army Redstone Test Center, or RTC, civilian employees will transition to the DOD Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration, or AcqDemo, project, by early next spring.
RTC and the American Federation of Government Employees, or AFGE, Local 1858 reached a mutual agreement August 9 that allows the command's workforce to enter into AcqDemo.
"This was a huge win for both parties," said Abner Merriweather, AFGE Local 1858 president. "Now RTC will be able to retain and attract the brightest and the best engineers and technicians in order to better meet the mission."
AcqDemo is designed to improve the local acquisition and acquisition support workforce through streamlined hiring processes, broad banding, simplified job classification, and revised reduction-in-force procedures. The system also promotes an encouraging environment in the growth of employees through a contribution-based compensation and appraisal system, expanded training opportunities, and sabbaticals. The command will convert all eligible employees by February 4.
"This system allows us to recognize those employees who are working above and beyond," said Col. John Jones, RTC commander. "The AcqDemo system promotes fairness in the appraisal process and allows leaders to reward employees commensurate with their contribution to the organization. It's really a merit based system and we are looking forward to the implementation to our organization."
The DOD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project website describes AcqDemo as a Congressional-mandated project designed to show that the DOD acquisition, technology, and logistics workforce can be improved by providing employees with a flexible, responsive personnel system that rewards employee contribution and provides line managers with greater authority of personnel actions. AcqDemo is designed to attract, motivate, and retain high-quality acquisition, technology, and logistics professionals.
RTC AcqDemo is approved for three years.