REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Army Materiel Command's Logistics Support Activity recently completed its third annual Logistics Training Forum, gathering over 360 of the Army's premier logisticians to train toward improving Army readiness. From logistics enterprise tools to LOGSA's PS Magazine digital application, all topics were on the table for customer feedback and improvement, emphasized LOGSA commander Colonel John Kuenzli.

"This forum should allow you to find ways to save your time and save Soldiers' time...I challenge you to think about what you are learning and gaining, and how it can change your techniques and procedures," said Kuenzli.

The forum offered over thirty courses to participants dedicated to enterprise tools, such as Global Combat Support System - Army, the Materiel Common Operating Picture, and the Army Enterprise System Integration Program, among others.

Lieutenant General Ed Daly, AMC deputy commanding general, emphasized the importance of collaborative training events like LLTF, stating, "You are putting tools in your toolkit with these courses so you can go back to your unit and deliver readiness."

With the Army's shift from a counter-insurgency model with built-up forward operating bases to projecting force with rapid troop movements, both Daly and Kuenzli underscored the fundamentals of readiness have not changed.

LOGSA has improved its enterprise resource planning systems, which provide AMC and the Army critical logistics data, to become "a samurai sword for dissecting readiness" - providing Soldiers and materiel managers with real-time, quality data to improve Army readiness, said Kuenzli.

"Your job here is to enable mission command, and you enable it with information technology," said Daly. "It is a are learning how to use a weapons system that just so happens to have different munitions," said Daly, speaking of information technology systems such as the Global Combat Support System-Army. "That munition feeds that [information technology] weapon that helps your command achieve the effects we are talking about."

Daly emphasized nothing separates Soldiers and Army civilians at the LLTF, because all are focused on readiness and supporting the Warfighter at tactical and operational points of need. "We want to make sure those they deploy are ready to fight," said Daly.

Looking beyond the Logistics Training Forum, Daly and Kuenzli called on participants to provide continuous feedback to ensure LOGSA's products, services and tools provide the level of support needed across the Army.