But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

--Matthew 5:12

God heals--and he is the great physician and he can heal anyone of any affliction, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or financial.

There are going to be times in your life when you'll need God to heal you or a loved one, so don't be afraid to pray to God for the healing that you need. Out of the mouths of babes comes perfect praise. I trust that this short story inspires you as it has inspired me.

A little boy is about to have open heart surgery, "Tomorrow morning," the surgeon began, "I'll open up your heart." "You'll find Jesus there," the boy interrupted. The surgeon looked up, annoyed. "I'll cut your heart open" he continued, "to see how much damage has been done...."

"But when you open up my heart," said his young patient, "You'll find Jesus in there." The surgeon looked to the parents who sat quietly. "When I see how much damage has been done, I'll sew your heart and chest back up and I'll plan what to do next." "But you'll find Jesus in my heart," the young boy insisted. "The Bible said he lives there. The hymns all say he lives there. You'll find him in my heart." The surgeon had had enough. "I'll tell you what I'll find in your heart," he said coldly. "I'll find damaged muscle, low blood supply and weakened vessels. And I'll find out if I can make you well." "You'll find Jesus there too," the young fellow continued. "He lives there."

The surgeon left. The surgeon sat in his office, recording his notes from the surgery, "Damaged aorta, damaged pulmonary vein and widespread muscle degeneration. No hope for transplant, no hope for cure. Therapy; painkillers and bed rest. Prognosis, here he paused, "death within one year." He stopped the recorder, but there was more to be said. "Why?" he asked aloud. It was clear he was speaking to God. "Why did you do this?" You've put him here; you've put him in this pain; and you've cursed him to an early death. Why?" And thus a dialog began between the surgeon and God. And in that dialog this frustrated physician began a new understanding of God's Providence and love. The surgeon wept.

Now he sat by the boy's bed; the boy's parents sat across from him. The boy awoke and whispered, "Did you cut open my heart?" "Yes," said the surgeon. "What did you find?" asked the boy. "I found Jesus there," said the surgeon. Jesus came to heal the sick and that's whether you were sick or from a physical condition. Whatever your condition is Jesus is there for it no matter if you are rich or poor we all have a chance to be delivered from our problem that's one thing Jesus does not discriminate.