FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Are you approaching the end of your military career? Do you have one more move left in you? If you do, you may see that despite current economic conditions, there are still plenty of jobs out there waiting for you.Many Soldiers exit the Army because they are tired of all the constant moves required of Soldiers and family members over a relatively short period of time. They want to settle down in one place, and finish raising their family and put down some roots. Not that this isn't a great goal, but if you could make just one more move, you may be set, career wise at least, for the rest of your life.Getting your foot in the door of many companies requires that you go to where the jobs are. Yes, that means at least one more move, but the government will pay to move you to a home of selection, if you are retiring.If you are separating, the government will normally only pay to move you the distance to your place of enlistment or entry on active duty at their expense. You will have to make up the difference if you move further than authorized. However, it may well be worth the added expense to get you a good paying job, especially during these resource-constrained times.Recruiting firms are paid by hiring companies to find them the best of the best to hire. They have job vacancies that must be filled. However, their area of responsibility is limited to a certain region of the country. Soldiers who will not move into their region will not be considered for help by most recruiting firms.Remember, if you choose to stay in a certain location, then you are limited to the number of jobs and pay for that particular area. The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you have to get a good paying job.Who knows, over time you may be able to work your way back to the area of your choice, or you may even fall in love with the new one. Either way, you have to weigh and decide what is best for you and your family.Remember, also, that most companies will not pay to move you at their expense, so you will want to make that decision while you still have your relocation option by the Army.For more information on job searching tips, call the Fort Rucker SFL-TAP Center at 255-2558.