FORT HUACHUCA, Arizona -- U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command bid farewell to Col. Wendy Rivers and welcomed Col. Nicole Morris at the change of command ceremony June 28 on Brown Parade Field here.

"These ceremonies in part may seem like they are focused on the commanders; they really are more about the unit and the transfer of responsibility," said Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor, commanding general, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command. "But I think they are even more about those who help get the leaders of this unit, the commanders, where they are and who support the unit, and I'm talking about the Families. So I'd like to take a little time and really focus my remarks on the Family members who are joining us today.

Taylor directed his speech to both the Rivers and Morris families and welcomed them all to the ceremony.

"It's a bittersweet farewell to Colonel Wendy Rivers," he said. "In the short time we've worked together it's been obvious to me that you've never forgotten that we are in the people business. We are not leading contracts or circuits or projects, computers, we are leading people. [Rivers] gets that, and I know that you've led the over 600 folks out here at ISEC in the best possible way you could. Your drive and energy and enthusiasm just infected all, in a good way, every day."

Taylor complimented Rivers on being "known especially for your vibrant and enthusiastic personality. I'd say almost to a fault, especially before the rest of us have had our second cup of coffee," he joked. "That's alright, Wendy, don't go changing. Try to make the world a beautiful place one day at a time."

Rivers thanked the audience for attending and said she was deeply humbled and honored to have served as the commander of ISEC.

"I will miss Team Huachuca, my home away from home," she said referring to three assignments here.

"As the commander of ISEC, I was given the opportunity to lead, to inspire, to motivate, to mentor, to coach and to be taught more than I could ever imagine. ISEC, we challenged the impossible, the non-existent … and we've challenged how we do things, and we have paved the road. We adjusted our footprints, we re-evaluated our thinking, and we executed better output with readiness at the tip of our spear."

River then turned to Morris and said, "I wish you so much success and happiness as you command this great organization. Bond and collaborate across lines. Don't be afraid to charter new paths and redefine old ones. I know I'm leaving you with this group, and I'm leaving them in good hands."

"You're inheriting an amazing team of trusted patriots here at ISEC," Taylor said to Morris. "Your expertise and experience have prepared you to lead them through a dynamic time of transformation. Always remember to put the team before yourself. You serve the team, they do not serve you. The Army and I have great trust in your ability to lead this team and take them to the next level."

Morris commended the ISEC personnel and said those on the field represent Soldiers and civilians across the Army.

"I've seen their commitment to their mission and the rest of their team and it is absolutely an honor to command such a group," she concluded.