FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- A new Army publication features audio, video, and animations to train units how to assault a position and how to defend one.Army Doctrine Reference Publication 3-90 Offense and Defense recently became available on the Central Army Registry."The new ADRP 3-90 is part of the Army's effort to use multimedia to enhance learning," said Dr. Peggy Kenyon who leads the enhanced electronic books (e2Book) initiative. "Some Soldiers learn from reading alone, but others learn best from visual and audio content. The interactive digital content in these publications will engage Solders and bring doctrine to life to help them understand complex concepts."Kenyon is the chief of acquisition and management with the TRADOC Capability Manager -- The Army Distributed Learning Program in Fort Eustis, Virginia.To develop content for ADRP 3-90, Kenyon's organization worked with Military Analyst Doug Darling of the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, Fort Leavenworth, Kan.The new ADRP 3-90 Chapter 1 includes interactive content from the American Revolutionary War Battle at Cowpens. A series of graphics showing troop movements and accompanying text explains the battle and deepens understanding."At Cowpens, Gen. Daniel Morgan knew the strengths and weaknesses of his militia and Continental regulars," Darling said. "Morgan knew that the militia could not stand up to a bayonet charge so he placed them in the front line. He told them to fire two rounds at the attacking British and then withdraw behind the regulars."Later, the militia rejoined the fight and a counterattack that routed the British.ADRP 3-90's other interactive content includes narrated vignettes illustrating doctrinal concepts, interactive maps of common defensive areas, a powerful video on fratricide in Chapter 4, and a narrated video of the Battle of Khafji from Operation Desert Storm.It's high-level of web-based content can be viewed on computers, tablets and smart phones. Some of the other e2Books will have less multimedia content, but all allow users to take notes, create bookmarks, search content and highlight text.Besides improving learning, Robert Roberts, TCMTADLP's lead for interactive digital publications, said e2Books are designed to be easily revised to keep pace with the operating environment. Roberts said TCM-TADLP is working with other Army organizations to produce e2Books including the living doctrine version of Field Manual 6-22 Leader Development.TCM-TADLP is a subordinate organization of the Combined Arms Center -- Training (CAC-T), Fort Leavenworth, Kan.