CAMP SMITH TRAINING SITE, CORTLANDT MANOR, N.Y. - Major David Myones, the logistics officer for the New York Army National Guard's 53rd Troop Command is not just a good logistics officer, right now he's the best in the Army National Guard.Myones, who oversees logistics operations for 4,100 Soldiers in combat support and combat service support units located across New York, has been named Army National Guard Logistician of the Year for 2016 by the Army Guard G4 and Executive Advisory Group for Logistics Excellence.Myones is the first New York Army National Guard Soldier to receive this distinction, and only the fourth person to receive the award since its establishment in 2012."I'm surprised and humbled," Myones, said. "Even though it's an individual award, I've had countless mentors, peers, and colleagues who have contributed to the logistician I am today."He was selected among officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and Department of the Army civilians from the Army National Guard's 54 States and Territories."Maj. Myones is one of the most qualified field grade logisticians in the state," said Col. Isabel R. Smith, Chief of Staff for the 53rd Troop Command "He is thorough in every aspect of his duties and responsibilities, he takes pride in all he does, and his follow-up is one of the best I've ever seen."Myones, a Boston University graduate who commissioned from their ROTC program in 2008, has quickly grown his military logistics career. He's held five positions, each with increasing levels of responsibility and authority, from Active Duty Operational Support with the directorate of logistics to his current role as Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics with the 53d TC.In his current capacity, Myones establishes logistics policies and guidance for the more than 4,100 Soldiers in the 53d TC.He is in charge of resource management to include budgeting and property book oversight, supporting Inactive Duty and Annual Training, as well as deployment assistance and planning to units going overseas."In logistics there's never just one solution to a problem," remarked Myones. "I use my own successful deployment experience as a model for other units and constantly build and improve upon it."One of his professional highlights that significantly contributed to earning this award was the innovative and strategic approach he utilized when preparing for the Command Logistics Review Team evaluation.This National Guard Bureau directed inspection assessed the overall sustainability, mobilization readiness and effectiveness of logistics operations for two battalions in the 53d TC."An organization is only as good as its weakest link," said Myones. "If it was wrong in one place, it's probably wrong in many other places as well."Myones directed companies to self-identify their current posture, which provided him with a realistic understanding of the current logistical landscape.This approach yielded the systemic deficiencies and trends that he was able to quickly correct via a combination of teaching, mentoring and coaching, as well as coordinating with peers and the directorate of logistics for additional support."He's very good at working with people towards a common goal," said Lt. Col. Joseph " Chip" Richardson, a New York National Guard Logistics planner who previously worked in New York's logistics directorate.He sent Soldiers from other units to help fix those problems. In turn those Soldiers learned something and went back to their own units and made changes using what they had learned, Richardson added.By applying extra resources to the most critical areas of need, he garnered the highest overall grades for the 53d TC in more than 20 years."His ability to be transparent to all entities in the logistician community helped him identify the subject matter experts needed to correct the deficiencies and reach their goals," said Lt. Col. Patrick Clare, the state maintenance officer for the New York Army National Guard."His tireless work in becoming a complete logistician has paid huge dividends to the community as well as the New York Army National Guard," Clare added.Myones excelled in all eight assessed areas: supporting NGB/State procedures and policies, innovation and proactive leadership, extraordinary service to the community, substantial cost-effectiveness, building relationships/ partnerships, customer focus, quality and teamwork."To be a good logistics officer you need to look at every problem in a unique way," said Myones. "For me, it's solving those problems and helping Soldiers out that makes it rewarding."He had no problem demonstrating his service both in and out of uniform. Myones volunteers with several veteran organizations including the Veterans of Foreign Wars and United Veterans Beacon House, as well as taking the time to visit a local middle school and teach 7th grade students how to manage conflict.This award exists to recognize ARNG Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians who have demonstrated great potential and contributions toward the improvement of the ARNG logistics posture, according to the National Guard Bureau.