ZAGAN, Poland - Soldiers of Fox Forward Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Regiment, continue to display their support to the local population in Zagan, Poland, as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

One way they have found success in doing this is through trips to local elementary schools.

In the last month, Soldiers from Fox Co. participated in two of these field trips to area schools. These types of visits have served as a positive way for 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, units to immerse themselves in local cultures and learn more about the ways of life in the eight European countries they are serving in through this mission.

In Zagan, Soldiers engaged with young Polish students in a variety of topics, including discussion of common English phrases, the U.S. Army rank structure and cultural differences.

The visits also served as a personal means to talk about Atlantic Resolve and why it's important for U.S. and Polish land forces to work together to preserve freedoms that the children have grown up with but which their parents and grandparents may not have known in their youth.

"The faculty was excellent and very hospitable. The students were extremely excited about our visit and wanted to speak English with us. We exchanged attempts to speak 'tongue-twisters' in both English and Polish, played Hangman with various English phrases, and the students asked many, many questions about daily life in the United States," said Staff Sgt. Kenneth Matthews, a motor transport operator with Fox Co.

Matthews said the school visits not only are a great way to break from the normal logistical efforts that Fox Co. provides for the field artillery unit's Poland-based headquarters, the personal interaction with local children gives the Soldiers a direct appreciation of why they're serving a nine-month rotation in Europe.

"Fox Co. will continue to participate in as many of these local engagements as we can prior to departing the Zagan area in June and continuing our deployment operations elsewhere in Europe," said Capt. Amanda Walton, the company's commander.

"The engagements have proven to be invaluable experiences that strengthen our great relationship with the locals, who have been so supportive of us," she said.