The 25th Infantry Division recently increased its ability to respond to contingency operations throughout the Pacific thanks to the hard work of the 25th Composite Truck Company (CTC), 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 25th Sustainment Brigade. By replacing civilian movement contracts, U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, for future reallocation towards other priorities.
Within the last year, the 25th CTC has developed a unique relationship with 402nd Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) that improved their standard operating procedures, and simultaneously accomplished U.S. Army Hawaii (USARHAW) support missions faster and more cost effective than the former contracted option.
The relationship between 25th CTC and 402nd AFSB highlights the importance of sustainment inter-unit relationship building, and integrated logistics capabilities. In the last year, the combined sustainment forces have showcased their abilities, expediting live ammo transportation missions throughout the Division.
"We're happy to help our partners at the 402nd AFSB while simultaneously conducting valuable training for our Soldiers as well as increasing the readiness of our Division and our Joint Partners across the Pacific AOR," said Cpt. James Toomey, commander of the 25th CTC. "This mission allows us to hone our technical skills as transporters while having a tangible positive impact on strategic level operations throughout the region."
The 402nd Support Operations section coordinated with the 25th Sust. Bde. for transportation assets from 25th CTC to facilitate the movement of 1,289 ammo pallets in February 2016. The estimated contract solution would have taken over nine months, however, 25th CTC accomplished the mission in an astounding three weeks. This first mission served as a trial run, however, its success forged a relationship between the two units and the standards for future missions. Col. Anthony McQueen, the 402nd AFSB Commander, publicly recognized each individual soldier who participated in the mission, illustrating its importance. The 402nd AFSB and 25th CTC have worked together two more times, transporting 861 pallets in October 2016 and 540 in March 2017, totaling 2,690 pallets of various ammunitions, saving the Army over $470,000.
The 25th CTC executed the mission utilizing our M1075 Palletized Loading Systems (PLS), typically providing a ten vehicle package, capable of being tailored for specific requirements. The missions require a 40-mile round trip from West Loch Naval Pier to Lualualei (LLL) Naval Magazine, which entail movement over busy highways crowded with civilian traffic.
Recognition was given to the 25th CTC for their outstanding driver safety with missions totaling over 600 hours of driving on civilian roads with hazardous materials. Yet, despite all the risks, 25th CTC has had zero incidents. 25th CTC remains ready to support the 402nd AFSB, the Tropic Lightning Division, and USARPAC to enable higher levels of readiness throughout the Pacific Region.