On Apr. 15, the Area IV Family Advocacy Program paired up with the Provost Marshal Office to host Children's ID card making at Camp Walker Food Court. The investigators from the PMO helped people who wanted to make a Child ID card and provided explanation why it was helpful for the parents.

"If a child comes up lost, missing for whatever reason, they may have to report to the PMO. Everything is on one card should they report anything to the PMO," said Military Police Investigator Staff Sgt. Jessica Sears. "Parents are upset and distracted, but everything is already on the card, so they show up to PMO and it is all there. The parents don't have to sit down and try to give all the information to the MPs or local law enforcement. We already have all the information on the child so we can push out the 'Be on the Look Out' and start looking for child with photograph and all."

"It is a good resource in case something could happen in the future," said Valerie Fontanez who made her children's Child ID card. "I don't know what could happen with them. Having the information already recorded you can help speed everything, which is good."

The Child ID has everything the law enforcement will need. "In the Child ID, there are personal data, including head and full body pictures," said Sears. Not only that, there are sections where you could write down emergency contact information, directions of what you need to do if your child is lost or missing and safety tips to avoid those situations.

"The card's information can be updated," said Sears. You can remove the picture and update it with an updated picture.

"We haven't have any children come up missing, which is fortunate because we do not want them going up missing," said Sears. "As far as Area IV, this is the first time ever we've done it. We are doing the partnership just to make sure the children are all safe."