FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas - The month of March is nationally recognized as Women's History Month; a time to reflect on the many contributions of women in history. U.S. Army South is sponsoring the Women's History Month activities for the Fort Sam Houston installation. This year's theme is "Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet" and throughout March, everyone here will have the opportunity to participate in various events to help save our planet.

March 5 initiated the celebrations with the reading of a proclamation signed by San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger and read by Col. Mary Garr, Fort Sam Houston garrison commander, during a cake-cutting ceremony at the post exchange.

Generations of women have dutifully served in our Armed Forces, in official capacities and other positions that display their patriotism and mental and physical strengths.

"When our nation was founded, women couldn't serve," said Garr. "Women were serving but not officially or dressing up as men and serving in disguise. So throughout the various wars, women have been able to play more substantial and valuable roles."

From the American Revolution to the current Global War on Terror, women have increased their visibility in the military as well as their responsibility. Since women were officially integrated into the military in 1975 the doors continue to open. Garr cited the Army's first four-star general, Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, as an example of the advancement of women in the military when she was promoted to general in 2008.

"In [Gen. Dunwoody's] words, she wasn't trying to break down doors as a female, she was out there being a Soldier which is what all of us do," said Garr. "The things we are doing today are making history for tomorrow."

Garr went on to say that it is important to continue recognizing the contributions of everyone, including women, in support of our military and our nation.

"The things we are doing today are making history for tomorrow," said Garr.

Future events to look for are a Women's History Program at the Road Runner/ ACS building, March 20 and a 5K run/walk at the Jimmy Brought Fitness Center, March 28.