United States Army Garrison Daegu is an up incoming Garrison in Korea. The best and brightest are drawn here because of the opportunities for success and the legacy of improvements toward excellence.

In 2016, USAG Daegu placed in the Army Communities of Excellence competition earning an Honorable Mention. There are more than 90 Garrisons in the Army and out of that, more than 30 Garrisons entered the competition.

"This is no small accomplishment and all of us can be proud of this singular accomplishment," said Don Lambrix, USAG Daegu chief of Plans, Analysis and Integration Office. "Historically, competing Garrison's have taken years to mature their processes and Integrated Management Systems."

The ACOE uses Baldrige principles for process improvement. This process allows garrisons to evaluate all parts of their business processes. This helps to streamline and make processes more efficient, which will make service to the service members more effective.

"The many accomplishments, awards and recognition and consistently high customer satisfaction rates which is one of the best in IMCOM to know intrinsically that we as a Garrison continue to mature and are truly competitive," said Lambrix.

The Honorable Mention is a validation of the handwork and dedication of the Garrison and its staff. They are dedicated to improving themselves and their commitment to striving for excellence. For many organizations, an Honorable mention is enough, not for USAG Daegu.

Excellence is not an endpoint but it is a continual journey toward a goal, constantly streamlining, improving, and incorporating best practices.