Camp Mujuk: MCIPAC strategic platform
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Standing as the lone Marine Corps installation in Korea, Camp Mujuk's strategic position provides Marine Forces Pacific with a forward-based platform for training, readiness and force projection.

"Our primary function is to provide facilities for training units who travel here to train with the Republic of Korea military and support theater-wide exercises," said Maj. Benjamin Ausbrooks, the commanding officer of Camp Mujuk. "If Marines are coming into or out of Korea, this is where they do it."

The base sits just outside of Pohang, near the eastern shoreline. Camp Mujuk's close proximity to the ROK Marine Corps training grounds enables it to effectively fulfill its function.

"We work closely with the ROK Marines to get our units on to their ranges," said Ausbrooks. "We utilize their live-fire ranges, military operations in urban terrain facilities, and much more. Due to our close working relationship with the ROK military, we have everything our Marines need for training."

With a small permanent staff stationed aboard Camp Mujuk, Marines must be flexible.

"Our marines are quite often tasked to do things far outside of their jobs to help support the functions of the camp," said Ausbrooks. "Because of the limited personnel, we have a very close relationship with the Korean-nationals who work with us. We couldn't complete our mission without them."

Camp Mujuk plays a pivotal role in MCIPAC's mission to provide the Marine Corps with a forward-based platform for vital training, troop readiness and force projection while also fostering critical partnerships in the Indo-Asian-Pacific region.