"Selfless" is how Rebecca Story describes 1SG Corey Myers, B Company, 4th Ranger Training Battalion.

Myers is going to donate a kidney for Story's 10-year-old son, Nicholas. The transplant is scheduled for April.

In 2006, a sports physical revealed Nicholas had an underdeveloped kidney, which stunted his growth.

"When I found out, I was a basket case," his mother said. "I was scared. The doctor told me we had six weeks before he had to go on dialysis.
"I was shocked. Up until that point, I had an absolutely healthy child and I kept thinking 'how come someone didn't see this sooner'' It was so hard to explain the situation to Nicholas and explain to him that he couldn't play football because of it."

The Storys took Nicholas to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. There they found out Nicholas' kidney function was at 27 percent - dialysis would start at 10 percent.

The Storys opted for a kidney transplant instead of dialysis and Nicholas was put on a waiting list.

"I was nervous when I first found out I would have to get a transplant because I was wondering how you get the kidney and how they put it in your body," Nicholas said.

A year ago, Myers found out Nicholas needed a transplant. His son is Nicholas' friend.

"I was excited when I found out Jacob's dad was going to donate his kidney - I never thought one of my friend's dads would do that for me," Nicholas said. "I'm so happy for the help."

In preparation for the transplant, Nicholas is on a strict diet. He can't have chocolate, bananas, broccoli, high-sodium cereals or peanuts - any foods high in sodium, phosphorous and potassium. After he gets his new kidney, he plans on eating a tuna fish sandwich and tomato soup - food he can't eat right now.

"There will never be enough words to thank (Myers)," she said. "It's one thing to ask people to do something - they feel pressured to do it. But he volunteered. And he acts like it's no big deal. What he is doing is a blessing."

"I want to do this," Myers said. "I have seen a lot of things in my military career. I have seen death. I really didn't want to have to see my son deal with that with Nicholas being his best friend.

"This was an opportunity to do something and help Nick, and let Nick live a normal life."