S.H.A.R.P. | 24/7 CRISIS LINE - 202-498-4009 | Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention

By JBM-HH Public AffairsMarch 6, 2017

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Sexual harassment and sexual assault are taken very seriously. It is critical we all uphold a zero tolerance for these dishonorable behaviors and actions.

If you have been or know of a service member, family member or Department of Defense civilian who is a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault and needs help, please contact your unit's Victim Advocate, SARC, Health Care Provider, Special Victim Counsel (@Legal), Chaplain or the Helpline immediately.

DO NOT WAIT! You are not alone.

Together, we will be the force in the fight.

In accordance with the Department of the Army Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention Program, we encourage you to allow your unit's Victim Advocate to support you. However, it is your right to contact any agency or person listed above.

You have two options for reporting Sexual Assault (Restricted and Unrestricted).

Restricted Reporting Option allows a service member who has been sexually assaulted to confidentially disclose the details of the assault to the SARC, VA and/or health care provider and receive medical treatment, counseling and victim advocacy without triggering the official investigative process.

You may also consult with a chaplain or special victim counsel without triggering an investigation.

Unrestricted Reporting Option includes all of the previous mentioned services with the addition of notification to the commander and Criminal Investigation Division whereby a full investigation will be initiated.

It is your option.

DoD Safe Helpline 24/7: 877-995-5247, www.safehelpline.org

JBM-HH SHARP 24/7 Helpline: 202-498-4009 (voice/text)