VILSECK, Germany- The 2nd Calvary Regiment conducted a rehearsal of concept drill Feb. 24, 2017 about the planning and execution of 2d Squadron's involvement in NATO's enhance Forward Presence in Poland.Col. Patrick J. Ellis, commander for 2CR and Lt. Col. Steven E. Gventer, commander for 2d Squadron, along with their senior leaders and staff officers briefed Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, U.S. Army Europe Commander, and USAREUR staff members on the detailed plan on how the squadron will travel to Poland and begin their six month rotation.The 2d Squadron will join military units from the United Kingdom, Romania and Poland in Orzysz, Poland. Gventer expressed his goals once his Soldiers integrate into the eFP Battle Group."For our Allies and us, it to create a very cohesive team interoperable across the war fighting functions that we all bring to the fight," he said. "To learn from each other and understand, but also to be able to fulfill the mission which is to deter aggression against the alliance where needed and to be prepared to defend if we have to anywhere inside the alliance."The U.S. members of the battle group will depart from Rose Barracks on March 25, 2017 and convoy almost 900 km on two routes. One traveling through Eastern Germany into Poland and the other making their way through the Czech Republic then into Poland. Both arriving at their destination in Orzysz.They will travel mainly in a variety of Stryker Combat Vehicles along with Humvees and several howitzers in tow."We have the ability to move on European roads without any support," said Ellis. "That is our unique capability."The 2d Squadron is going with a lot of experience. Many Soldiers have participated in several multinational training exercises in the past year or so. Including Allied Spirit 4 and 5 in Hohenfels Training Area, and Atlantic Resolve and Saber Strike in the Baltics. They have also conducted training in Turkey and Finland."So, our Soldiers have had those opportunities to do international interoperability with our multinational Allies," Gventer said. "We've come a long way from that first rotation at Allied Spirit 4 (Spring 2016) all the way through Allied Spirit 5 this last fall.""Unbelievable how far the alliance has come forward based on the different training events, missions and other things we have been able to do," Gventer added.The British and Romanian units will complete their Validation Exercises in the next week. Solders from 2CR will be participating in both exercises."Understanding each other and working together has been going on now for a pretty good amount of time. So, we look forward to now all being in the same place being able to execute this mission," Gventer concluded.