SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Sgt. Brenton Grierson, chaplain assistant, 29th Brigade Engineer Battalion, "Wayfinder," 3rd Bde. Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, won the Division Chaplain Assistant Noncommissioned Officer of the Year Competition, here, on Jan. 26.

Grierson competed against a half-dozen NCOs across the division to advance to the U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) Chaplain Assistant NCO of the Year Competition, which will be held on March 28.

He said he ensured his Army Service Uniform was in correct order and read up on the latest Army Doctrine Publications and Army Doctrine Reference Publications prior to going to the board.

"It's pretty much like a promotion board," he said. "So the things that I would practice on would be the typical things...stand in front of a mirror and get used to talking and quizzing yourself in front of people again. I had my wife quiz me when she wasn't doing her school work, and a lot of studying."

One the most important things he wanted to get right was the NCO Creed, and he took it to heart by writing it down once or twice a day.

"The board members asked us questions about what our job is (to) see if we can articulate it, because there is no written thing," he said. "It's not just strictly religious support. Our main mission is religious support, and then are you able to articulate what you do outside of that as well."

He stated outside of the religious support, he would walk around the unit to assess morale and report it to the command team.

After winning the division board he said he was excited, but mostly relieved.

"I kind of felt heavy with the burden of the upcoming board," he said. "So you never want to let your command down when you go to compete for these things."

Staff Sgt. Midine Beauvais, brigade chaplain assistant, Headquarters and Headquarters, 3rd BCT, was confident in Grierson.

"I selected him as the top NCO to represent 3rd BCT because I trusted and believed in his ability and intelligence to do well," Beauvais said. "Sgt. Grierson is one of my most dedicated NCO chaplain assistants in the brigade. He is always ready to respond to the call of duty as a NCO and chaplain assistant."

She said she provided Grierson the materials necessary to succeed and he needed very little push to achieve his goal.

"I simply reminded him that he just has to perform like he was doing his daily duties and the board was an evaluation of his knowledge," she said. "You can't win if you are not present at the table. I feel proud of his accomplishment and I'm pleased in his performance in representing the brigade."

For Grierson, he was thankful and humbled for the opportunity of his NCO leadership for encouraging him to succeed at the board.

"I'm glad they chose me," he said. "It means a lot. I really look up to my senior leadership."