Fort Belvoir welcomed 15 Soldiers into the noncomA,Amissioned officer corps Friday, during an induction cereA,Amony at the DAU auditorium.

Inductees included Sgt. Jonathan Bennett, Sgt. Jessica Bullock, Sgt. Crystal Chappie, Sgt. Timothy Gall, Sgt. Nathan Glitzky, Sgt. Jennifer Oliver, Sgt. Glen Pogue, Sgt. Glen Pyle and Staff Sgt. Ramona Young from the Dewitt Healthcare Network; Sgt. Omadai Ezzell from the 212th Military Police Detachment; Sgt. Rachel Hart and Sgt. Kieran Lee- Kong from Human Resources Command; and, Sgt. Marvin Stow, Sgt. Jessica Trapp and Sgt. Eddie Williams from Headquarters, Headquarters Company, Special Activities.

The official party included Dewitt Healthcare Network Command Sgt. Maj. Dale Christopher; guest speaker and Walter Reed Health Care System Command Sgt. Maj. Rudy Del Valle; and Fort Belvoir Installation Command Sgt. Maj. Allison Smith. Installation Commander Col. Jerry Blixt and Deputy Commander for Administration at DeWitt Army Community Hospital Col. Daniel Gall were also both on hand for the cereA,Amony.

'I am honored to be a part of this event today. You see, 20 years ago I was promoted to the rank of sergeant, so, this cereA,Amony is indeed heartfelt,' Smith said. 'It is even an added honor to have this ceremony this year, the year of the NCO.

Following the national anA,Athem and invocation, Installation Historian Gus Person gave the NCO historic timeline featuring living historiA,Aans from the four centuries in U.S. Army history. The historiA,Aans wore authentic clothing, equipment and weapons from each of their respective eras.

After the history timeline, Smith provided the assembled with the history of the NCO Induction Ceremony.

Next the inductees and every NCO present for the ceremony recited the NCO Creed.

Each inductee was then forA,Amally inducted to the corps.

'The ceremony gave me a sense of pride. I realized I had entered a very prestigious and honored organization,' Oliver said. 'Being an NCO is very imA,Aportant to me. I realize the leadA,Aership I provide to my Soldiers impacts their ability to uphold and pass down those Army traA,Aditions. I'm very proud to be a non- commissioned officer.' Lee- Kong felt extremely honA,Aored to be inducted into the Corps.

'I feel that all NCOs, new and seasoned, should experience and witness this, so they know what it truly means to be an NCO,' she said.

Williams couldn't he couldn't help but feel the camaraderie in the auditorium during the cereA,Amony.
'The ceremony showed me the unity of NCO Corp,' Sgt.

Eddie Williams said. 'My obligaA,Ation now extends past the very thoughts and ideas of an ordiA,Anary Soldier.' Del Valle concluded the cereA,Amony by reminding each of the inductees to remember where they have come from, who has supported them to get them where they are today and why they serve.

'I know each and every one of you did not reach where you are on your own,' Del Valle said.
'Always remember you are a member of the greatest generaA,Ation and a member of the Corps, the Noncommissioned Officer Corps. You serve, so that others can live a life of peace and proA,Atection. Don't ever forget that!'