BAGHDAD - The top U.S. and Iraqi commanders charged with security for the greater Baghdad area, along with their respective brigade commanders, met March 12 during a Commander's Conference to discuss the road ahead under the new Security Agreement.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Bolger, Multi National Division-Baghdad commander, and Gen. Abbud Qanbar al-Maliki, the Baghdad Operations Center commander, assembled at the Baghdad Operation Center to draw out a common operating picture for maintaining the security and stability of Iraq through combined Iraqi and U.S. operations.

The conference was another chance for the two generals to educate themselves on their operative roles under the principals of the Security Agreement between Iraq and the United States. Bolger alluded to the duty and bonds that Iraqi and American Soldiers have shared through "blood, sweat, and a determination to protect Iraq."

This was the first opportunity that the senior command and staff officers of both U.S. and Iraqi forces had to meet as a group since Bolger and the 1st Cavalry Division assumed control of MND-B almost a month ago. One motivating factor centered on a better comprehension of the roles and responsibilities for both Iraqi and American forces under the articles of the agreement.

The Security Agreement discussion outlined points of interest for both sides such as, locating and disposal of improvised explosive devices, operations against al-Qaeda in Iraq and criminal gangs. Other highlights of the conference included detainee operations, proper ways of obtaining evidence, and judicial processes.

"This Security Agreement tells us how to work together in a sovereign Iraq," said Bolger. "We must be vigilant, and we must maintain our strong partnership built on trust. We must continue to work together to make sure that this agreement helps us to secure Iraq and its citizens."