FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- For many, a new year means new resolutions, and making new fitness goals for the year is one resolution many find difficult to stick to.

That's why Fort Rucker provides a whole host of fitness programs, as well as facilities full of fitness equipment to help people meet their fitness goals, according to Lynn Avila, Fort Rucker fitness programs coordinator.

The installation offers two fitness centers -- Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center and Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Center -- that people can utilize to get their workouts on, which feature a myriad of classes and equipment at each, including jogging track, racquetball courts and a rock climbing wall, just to name a few.

If people are finding it difficult to jump into their fitness resolutions, Fortenberry-Colton PFC offers its Resolution Execution Jan. 19 at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., said Avila. Each session is a four-hour cardio marathon featuring a different instructor and different class every 30 minutes.

This is a great way for people to be able to sample all the classes offered at the fitness centers, including spin, Tabata, Strong Bodies, Insane Abs, cardio and more, said the fitness coordinator. There will also be prize drawings for participants that include T-shirts, water bottles, and gift cards for personal training and group fitness classes.

People aren't required to stay for the entire duration of the class, but those who endure all four hours of fitness will get the chance to win a free month of unlimited group fitness classes, which Avila said is a perfect way to get into and stick to a new fitness resolution.

People often make resolutions and lose the drive to push on only weeks into the new year, said the fitness coordinator, and that's due to the fact that fitness resolutions shouldn't be made lightly, as they are not just a change in some routines, but a change in lifestyle.

"This should be a life change, not just something to do to lose weight for a few days or weeks," she said. "When it comes to fitness and health, every positive change is a life-long change."

When people do decide to make the change, one big mistake people often make is taking too much on at one time, said the fitness coordinator.

"Making too many changes at one time can set someone up for failure, so people should attempt to make small changes each week that will eventually lead to a new, healthier lifestyle," she said.

In order for people to better stick to their resolutions, Avila suggests that they start off slow with little changes to their regimen with just a few changes at a time.

"Attempt one new change a week and when it comes to the gym, don't jump in with five days a week," she said. "Start off slow, maybe three days a week, and add days as it fits your needs."

Fitness doesn't just start and end with working out, said Avila, but includes changes in eating habits, as well.

"Diet is very important in any fitness goal," she said. "You should make a conscious effort to drink more water instead of sugary drinks, and then next you might try a new salad for lunch instead of having your regular burger -- take it in steps."

As with many activities, fulfilling one's fitness goals can seem easier to take on with a partner, but one who is motivated to push you harder, said the fitness programs coordinator.

"A partner can give you accountability to meet and make sure you're sticking to a program and new changes," she said. "It can be fun and even a little competitive."

Additionally, the Fort Rucker physical fitness centers offer classes with instructors to help people stay motivated. Taking a class can be a great way to help meet fitness goals with other like-minded people looking to maintain similar goals, she added.

When getting into the routine of working out, Avila said that many people can hit a plateau where they feel they stop seeing results, and when people get to that point, the last thing they should do is give up or get discouraged.

"Always check your diet if you hit a plateau and make sure you're not over training," she said. "This is also where a personal trainer can be beneficial in a training program."

Avila said that a personal trainer may be able to offer new approaches to a workout that people might not have thought to do before. Workouts can also become repetitive and lose their fun factor, and that's where fitness classes can also come in handy to switch things up and keep workouts interesting, she said, but encourages people to stick with their resolutions to meet their fitness goals.

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