WIESBADEN, Germany -- Team Signal Soldiers from 5th Signal Command (Theater), 2nd Signal Brigade and 102nd Signal Battalion conducted refresher training on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills during Commander's Prime Time Training (CPTT) Oct. 17-20, 2016 at the Wackernheim Training Area in Mainz.The CPTT event focused on individual Soldier tasks such as tactical movement, tactical combat casualty care, chemical decontamination procedures and urban operations."CPTT provides an opportunity to go back to the basics, get some revision on it, read up, study and then actually put it into practice," said Capt. Beatrice Finnegan, commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 102nd Signal Battalion.She said Soldiers often focus primarily on job-specific tasks and need periodic refresher training on basic skills the Army expects all Soldiers to be able to perform. CPTT, Finnegan said, is an opportunity to ensure proficiency at those basic Soldier tasks.Spc. Marisa Patton, a paralegal attached to the 102nd Signal Battalion, said, "The training was very thorough, we went over a lot."The training culminated in a squad-level situational training exercise incorporating the tasks that the Soldiers trained on during the previous days."The end state, the goal, is always to make Soldiers better than the last time," Finnegan said.---2nd Signal Brigade builds, operates and defends Mission Command System and networks to support unified action anytime, anywhere.