Coalition Patrol Delivers Medical Supplies to Local Afghan Hospital

By Ben Santos, USFOR-A Public AffairsSeptember 21, 2016

U.S. Army and Czech partners assist in delivery of hospital goods
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A Coalition patrol representing several countries delivered approximately $750,000 worth of medical supplies to a local hospital in Charikar, Sep. 17, 2016.

"The combination of U.S., Czech Republic, Polish, and Afghan partners were all part of the mission yesterday in some way: either through security, donation of goods, resources or providing expertise," said U.S. Army Lt.Col. Jason Davis, commander of Task Force Tiger, U.S. Forces Afghanistan.

According to Davis, the project germinated from routine interaction with the local, district, and provincial governments in the Parwan Province. Based on weekly conversations, the Task Force identified a medical supply shortage where assistance was needed. They then reached out to Coalition partners to determine who could provide the needed supplies.

While this is the not the first time that Task Force Tiger has visited the hospital, their focus tends to be more with the health clinics at the village level. The Charikar Hospital is one of the largest in the area with a 100-bed capacity to include pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency, and gynecology departments.

"For day-to-day health care, that's where most of the locals go. Not until they need a little more serious assistance do they go to the hospital. Based on discussions yesterday, it's a pretty important resource for the community," said Davis.

While the importance of providing hospital supplies cannot be overstated, building relationships is key to making Afghanistan not only stronger but safer as well.

Task Force Tiger has definitely seen an improvement in the district.

"Over the last four months we have seen an improvement in security, we've seen a reduction in enemy activity, an increase in CERP [Commander's Emergency Response Program] projects and other sorts of humanitarian aid projects throughout the area; ultimately providing support and assistance to the local populace," said Davis.

Task Force Tiger is composed primarily of Georgians and Czechs who conduct patrols in the area. According to Davis, the patrols have daily interactions with the leaders and the local populace which helps provide situational awareness about where the needs are.

Asked about his feelings following the delivery of medical supplies, Davis reiterated that it definitely solidifies the Coalition and that it's here to make Afghanistan stronger, better, support the people, and support the government.

"To see all the Coalition chip in, either through resources, through money, through security or just expertise; it's fantastic," he said.