BAGHDAD - Soldiers of the 328th Brigade Support Battalion, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Pennsylvania National Guard, participated in a transfer of authority ceremony Feb. 19 at Camp Taji; marking the official start to provide supplies, medical support and maintain equipment for the Stryker brigade's Soldiers.

"We look forward to the challenge ahead," said Lt. Col. Michael Curran, the battalion's commander, from Pine Grove, Pa. "The (2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division) has done a great job here and passed on their (tactics, techniques and procedures) to us."

During the ceremony, leaders of the 328th BSB uncased their unit's colors and raised their flag, signifying the official transfer of power at this sprawling airbase north of Baghdad.

"The BSB mission is to provide the brigade with all classes of supplies needed to perform the brigade's mission. We give them everything they need to fight the fight," said the brigade's senior enlisted member, Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas Buck, of Myerstown, Pa. "We maintain equipment and the level-two medical facility."

Buck said the two-week transition period preceding the TOA went smoothly. The 328th BSB Soldiers shadowed their out-going counterparts for the first week, then performed tasks in the second week with Soldiers of the 'Warrior" brigade observing.

"It was done in a partnership. Our counterparts at 2-25 did an excellent job," said Buck. "They were prepared for the TOA. They really did set us up for success."

During the two weeks, Soldiers from the two units made joint-supply runs to the outlying joint security stations supported by the 328th BSB troops. Buck said that during the two-week "left seat/right seat" period, He saw his Soldiers evolve to gain a firsthand knowledge of how to accomplish their mission.

"The Soldiers are prepared and they're confident. They're ready to go."