As school-aged children prepare this weekend to go back to school, post officials are calling on drivers to slow down.

Drivers on Fort Jackson will need to watch their speedometers and ease off the gas pedals as Fort Jackson police have begun rigorously enforcing speeds near Fort Jackson's schools starting.

Lt. Rolston M. Alleyne, the traffic officer in charge with Fort Jackson Police, characterized speeding as an often overlooked "dangerous driving behavior" where drivers exceed posted speed limits, driving faster than conditions allow.

"In an effort to reduce this behavior, starting on Aug. 8, the Fort Jackson Police, in a collaborative effort with the community will be conducting traffic enforcement in the school zones in order to prepare our community for the upcoming school year," Alleyne said.

When the new school year begins Monday, police will begin a "zero tolerance" campaign against speeders.

The school zones are along Imboden Street in front of Pierce Terrance Elementary School in the housing areas where speed limits are 20 miles per hour, and along the entire length of Chestnut Road. C.C. Pinckney Elementary School and Child, Youth Services are located off Chestnut.