The position of Regimental Chief Warrant Officer for the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School changed hands when Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jesse Deberry accepted the responsibility Tuesday at Lincoln Hall Auditorium.

Deberry, now the second Regimental Chief Warrant Officer for the Chemical Regiment, replaced Chief Warrant Officer 2 Matthew Chrisman during the ceremony.

Chrisman is headed to be the CBRN technician for III Corps at Fort Hood, Texas.

Brig. Gen. James Bonner, CBRN School commandant, reflected on the significance of the change-of-responsibility ceremony and the traditional passing of the officer's sword.

"Passing the saber is a powerful gesture, signifying the relinquishment of the authority and responsibilities that Chief Chrisman has held for the past three years," Bonner said. "Chief Chrisman, rest assured that you are leaving the CBRN School, Fort Leonard Wood and the warrant officer program here far more prepared for the future than when you got here. Your legacy will continue for years to come."

As the first regimental chief warrant officer, Chrisman was humbled at the opportunity the assignment presented his career and for the opportunity to work with the warrant officers in the Chemical Corps.

"What a blessing it has been to be able to come home to the Chemical Corps and serve alongside the senior leaders of the regiment," Chrisman said.

Chrisman went on to welcome Deberry to Fort Leonard Wood and offered his support to him as the new regimental chief warrant officer.

"Mr. Deberry, I have made every effort to make this cohort better for you. Now the conditions are right for you to make it better," Chrisman said. "I am honored to call you my regimental chief."

As the regimental chief warrant officer, Deberry will be responsible for the leadership and mentorship of all warrant officers in the Chemical Corps. Traditionally, a chief warrant officer 5 holds a regimental chief warrant officer position, further demonstrating the trust and confidence the Chemical Corps has in both Chrisman and Deberry, Bonner said.

"Chief Warrant Officer Deberry, I want to congratulate you on this prestigious position and welcome you to our team," he said. "Your technical knowledge, experience and skills make you the right person for this position. You have my full trust and confidence in your ability."

Deberry promised to uphold the traditions and continue Chrisman's legacy.

"I look forward to serving with my new CBRN School command and look forward to pushing my cohort and our corps forward into the future," he said.