Being named Security Assistance Command's Employee of the Quarter is an honor that Shubhashis Chakravarty doesn't take lightly.Chakravarty, an engineer with the Office of the Program Manager-Saudi Arabian National Guard, received the second quarter fiscal 2016 honors last month after his leadership skills and work performance resulted in OPM-SANG slashing more than $1 million from a construction project estimate."This was quite a humbling recognition knowing the great work done on a daily basis around the world by USASAC employees," Chakravarty said.At the time of his nomination, he was a facilities engineer with OPM-SANG's G4. In that role, he executed multiple facilities and infrastructure renovation projects for residential and office facilities resulting in better living and working environment for all OPM-SANG employees in Saudi Arabia."I had the opportunity to carry out the largest quality-of-life upgrade program to date here in Eskan Village," Chakravarty said, noting that 30 percent of OPM-SANG's infrastructure has been updated within the last two years. "This allowed hundreds of our employees to live and work in a comfortable environment far away from home."He has since been promoted and named the aviation project engineer with the Technical Affairs Division, overseeing the construction of the Ministry of National Guard's newest helicopter training site Dirab Air Base."In my current capacity, I am managing the construction, from the ground up, of a complete air base which has 156 buildings and an airfield with four staging lanes," he said. "Upon completion this base will add tremendous training capability to MNG aviation for decades to come."Completion of the $206 million project site will allow MNG to train and deploy helicopter pilots wherever necessary to ensure stability and security throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.It is this lasting impact that propels Chakravarty to strive for excellence despite the challenges that stem from security, cultural and legal differences at the remote base in Riyadh."I know successful execution of my job makes a great deal of difference for both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. security assistance mission,' he said.But this is only one of the many reasons he loves his job."It's also the responsibilities and opportunities I have here -- not only the ability to provide a better quality-of-life for my fellow employees, building infrastructure to train the next generation of MNG helicopter pilots, but also experiencing Saudi culture and traveling to exotic places," Chakravarty said."I'll continue to be part of the OPM-SANG team for the next couple of years. And as I look ahead, I hope to continue my personal and professional growth through learning, traveling and seeking challenges with higher degree responsibility and impact."