HEIDELBERG, Germany -- This year's Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas program kicks off October 5 and continues through December 4. According to campaign officials, CFC is the only authorized solicitation of federal employees in their workplaces, and offers employees the opportunity to donate to thousands of charitable organizations. The program dates to the 1960s and efforts to consolidate charitable solicitations and give donors a means of donating by payroll deduction. The CFC-Overseas program raised more than $15.8 million during its 2008 campaign. Contributors can fill out a pledge card with a representative who serves as the CFC "keyperson" for their unit or organization, complete a pledge card online, or donate online by credit card. An "online pledge assistant" is available on the CFC-O Web site to help donors find charities by name or type and guide contributors through the process of filling out a pledge card online. Other areas of the site offer guidelines to help donors make informed decisions about their contributions. The pledge assistant is not an online contribution, but generates a pledge form that must be printed and given to the keyperson for the donor's organization. The CFC-O Web site offers contacts to help contributors identify their keypersons if necessary. Credit card donations are online donations. The contributor goes through the same pledge assistant process to select a charity, opts to make a one-time or monthly recurring donation, then completes the transaction immediately by entering valid credit card information. When making donations, contributors can designate that their pledges go to support specific charities. Overseas donors can also contribute to one special program -- the Family Support and Youth Programs initiative.