KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait -- Five Kuwaiti sergeants along with 36 U.S. Army sergeants experienced the traditional rite of passage of becoming a noncommissioned officer during the 82nd Engineer Battalion's NCO Induction Ceremony at Kuwait Naval Base, Kuwait, April 29, 2016.This is the first time Kuwaiti soldiers participated in this Army tradition. The induction ceremony marks a pivotal moment in the life of the new sergeants and allows them to connect with fellow sergeants and learn about the importance of their role as NCOs."You have just become part of a selected team that is well respected all over the world. You are the master trainers of your units and you have a vast amount of responsibility and authority to take care of your team," said Command Sgt. Major Edward A. Bell, of senior noncommissioned officer with the 1st Theater Sustainment Command, as he welcomed U.S. Army and Kuwaiti soldiers to the Noncommissioned Officer Corps. "Use this authority and responsibility to create the best team possible for your unit, our military and more importantly the nation that all of us serve." Major. Gen. Paul Hurley, commanding general of the 1st TSC, congratulated each newly inducted NCO.During this formal ceremony the new inductees experienced the first sign of respect and camaraderie that is expected of NCOs. A Soldier from the audience interrupted the ceremony to make 'A Soldier's Request ' to the new NCOs. The request is part of the induction as it ensures that new NCOs hear the expectations of their subordinate Soldiers and the importance of treating them with respect. "NCOs, your job is to treat your team with dignity and respect, invest in their personal and professional well-being, and show them you care - not by what you say but by what you do," advised Bell.The ceremony also served as a reminder for Soldiers and newly inducted NCOs to never forget those who have served before by highlighting the table of remembrance. The table of remembrance is an essential part of the ceremony and is symbolic of the spiritual presence of the Soldiers who gave their lives in service to their country. Bell interacted with the new inductees and reminded them that NCOs "are the ones they call the backbone of the Army and the standard bearer of excellence."The 1st TSC mission is to execute operational sustainment support, conduct coalition/joint reception, staging, and onward movement (CJRSO), redeployment, retrograde, and re-posture of forces, material, and sustainment infrastructure in order to support ongoing operations through the CENTCOM area of responsibility.