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Daegu, South Korea - 19th ESC's Materiel Support Command - Korea and 7th Korean Service Corps (Heavy Equipment Transportation) Company won United States Army - Pacific's Army Award for Maintenance Excellence, May 4.

The United States Army's ordnance website describes the AAME. "The Army Award for Maintenance Excellence award winner displays an expertise and professionalism in performing their tasks. Each unit is evaluated on their effectiveness in ensuring that Soldier competency is maintained." The AAME is broken down into categories from small to large units and active to National Guard. MSC-K won the Table of Distributions and Allowances category while 7th KSC (HET) won the "All Others" category.

19th ESC's largest brigade, Material Support Command -- Korea is home to the Army's most advanced mechanics responsible for theater sustainment maintenance to U.S. forces. MSC-K's Mr. Emmitt H. Johnkin, the Care and Preservation Division Chief and Mr. Lawrence S. Ranches, the Automotive Mechanic Supervisor Chief accepted the award on behalf of the brigade.

7th KSC (HET)'s Commander, Ko Han Sik, Mechanic Senior Leader Pak Chae Soo, and Maintenance Clerk Hong Hyun Sok accepted the award on behalf of the company.

7th KSC (HET) is a paramilitary force responsible for transportation of heavy equipment around the Korean peninsula. Despite having a high operation tempo and performing all missions after 8 p.m. the 7th KSC (HET) maintained an untarnished safety record with zero at-fault accidents since the inception of the company in 2008.

"In armistice, the 7th KSC (HET) company is enormously value-added to the readiness of our tip-of-the-spear combat forces on the Peninsula. 7th HET gets Second Infantry Division tanks, Bradleys, MLRS, Paladins, and other critical systems back and forth to live fire complexes and ranges where our army's combat forces continually train and hone their skills. When and if war were ever to break out, 7th HET immediately and smoothly transitions to war and provides the same critical support on the battlefield from day one," said Lt Col. Devon Nudelman, KSC Commander.

Now, the MSC-K and 7th KSC (HET) will compete at the highest level: Department of the Army.