Newcomers at Fort Wainwright

By U.S. ArmyApril 25, 2016

Information for new Soldiers reporting to

Fort Wainwright:

Checking In:

Newly arriving Soldiers need to report to the Fort Wainwright Welcome Center, Building 3401, this is where you will spend your first four days of in processing. Here is a link to the Fort Wainwright Map, showing the welcome center location: Ft Wainwright map Soldiers with family members MUST complete Exceptional Family Member screening and obtain concurrent travel orders for their family members prior to departing their previous duty station. Soldiers who do not obtain EFMP screening and concurrent travel orders for their family members are subject to delays in obtaining family housing, COLA, and BAH. Cars must be winterized prior to traveling to Alaska. Soldiers and family members must bring proper winter clothing when traveling to Alaska. For more information on the winterization of cars and family members, please read all of the "Alaska Cold Weather Survival" links below.

From the Fort Wainwright Alaska webpage:

"Soldiers reporting to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, need to know that housing may not be immediately available and that they and their families might be required to live in an extended stay hotel for a lengthy period (several weeks/months). Soldiers must also be advised that bringing pets is strongly discouraged because extended stay hotels do not allow pets and kennel space is extremely limited. If available, kennels will cost Soldiers approximately $15-$25 per day. It is suggested that Soldiers make arrangements to ship their pets only after permanent lodging is available and that they also check with the airlines to determine whether any travel restrictions exist."


The best way to travel to Fort Wainwright Alaska is up to you (based on where you are currently located). You can fly into Fairbanks, drive, or drive and take the ferry.

If you choose to take the ferry, then this is the common sequence of events:

First your orders must say that you are allowed to take the ferry, then you must call SATO and get tickets. Once these steps are complete, you can drive to Bellingham, WA and get on the Ferry (the ferry is a great four day trip to Haines, AK) upon your arrival at Haines, AK, you will then take a four day drive to Fort Wainwright, AK.

REMINDER: you MUST HAVE the following while driving through Canada:

Driver's license, vehicle registration, Proof of Insurance, Military ID cards, Passports, and birth certificates (all passengers). You also must have health certificates for all pets. For more information on travel check all of the travel links below. If you want to ride on the ferry, then get with transportation (SATO) ASAP. SATO will get you taken care of with the tickets, information, etc...

WINTER Driving Information:

ENGINE BLOCK HEATER, ANTIFREEZE, SNOW TIRES and BATTERY BLANKET = Get these items installed when and where you can. If you plan on taking the ferry, then there are locations in Bellingham, WA that can install it for you. However, make sure you arrive at Bellingham, WA early enough to get the installation done. Make prior arrangements before arrival at Bellingham via phone or e-mail if you plan on accomplishing this. Also get the coolant changed by a competent shop and tested to make sure it is good down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Your car will also need a battery blanket and winter weight oil. Waiting to get to Alaska to do this could be too late, your engine may freeze up and/or not start, engine damage could occur, leading to costly repairs and/or leaving you stranded... do not wait to get these things done. You may have to wait until you arrive in Alaska to get studded tires installed, but do not come here with bald tires!!!

Also make sure that you carry emergency equipment in your car, if it is 40 below zero and your car breaks down, it quickly becomes a life or death situation. See the Alaska Cold Weather Survival links on what to carry in your car.

Housing Services Office

(907) 353-1660

1060 Gaffney Boulevard

Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

Contact the HSO for comprehensive information on Military Housing, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing and Community Housing.

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